About Us

Based in Honolulu, the Advisors and Planners at Moir Financial & Insurance Services provide wealth management and fee-based financial planning. We are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your financial future – by developing and implementing financial plans unique to the needs and goals of you and your family.

At our firm, we understand that reaching long-term financial goals requires a well-researched plan. Our first and most important goal is to understand you – to sit down and talk first about what you desire to accomplish, and then to design that plan together. Financial plans should never be “one-size-fits-all.” The plan is personally tailored to your retirement goals, risk profile, and family plans. Our approach is reflective of our respect for the unique culture of Hawaii.

Our service offerings allow us to act as a wealth partner, a planning partner or as an investment partner – we provide as little or as much assistance as you desire or please. The keywords are “partner” and “collaboration” – we desire to have you remain connected to the process, the path, with our team serving you as a guide. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the high level of customization that you will come to depend on.

Moir Financial doesn’t simply bring in new accounts. We seek to forge new and powerful relationships with the people of Hawaii and beyond. Our desire is for you to successfully navigate the world of financial management – to make something that is often the source of anxiety into something that becomes a source of confidence.

Our primary objective is to create an environment that welcomes you and helps you navigate your vision of success with commitment and experience.

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